Friday, 1 June 2012

And we are off..

Off to Dubai!

Dubai is different.. It's amazing but its so different to what I expected.

We have been staying with Kristy, a friend of ours.
She lives in Sharjah, the Emarite next to Dubai, by law women have to cover up - in 42 degree heat.
I've never been more aware that I'm a woman, when kristy picked us up from the airport we had to get in a pink taxi, because there were more ladies than men in the car.

We went into Dubai on our first night and saw the dancing fountains - the water spurts out to the musical stylings of Whitney Houston and Lionel Ritchie (Uh-Mazing).. beneath the Burj Kalifa, the world's largest building. We had to look at it from the ground, because Sam felt it was safer there.

Just before the Jet Lag set in we wandered around the Dubai Mall, they really love their malls.

An Acquarium in a Mall?

Ice Skating in a Mall?
Plan for tomorrow is to ski in a mall.. Yep, thats right.

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