Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Madrid was hot. Stinking hot 39 degrees no breeze, no beach just hot.

We decided to get some tapas in an air conditioned restaurant close to where we were staying. I was excited for some amazing food given the beautiful tapas we had in Barcelona. The best thing about the meal was the aircon. Not a great start.

I hadn't really looked into the place we were staying at, to be honest I just booked it because it was the bus pick up point.. My bad

We watched Spain and Portugal in the Euro Cup in a crowded area of the hostel with a German school group.

The sun doesn't go down until ten so it was hot all night - too hot, you really need air conditioning or at least a fan to get through the night. We didn't have either.

After next to no sleep we got up bright and early to get on the bus bound for San Sebastian.

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