Sunday, 8 April 2012

And the planning begins..

Seven weeks until we pack our bags and head to Europe, seven weeks to go and all we've booked is flights (although I have got a spreadsheet).

Sam and I are finally heading to Europe.. I'm desperately obsessed with Paris and am quite sure that when we arrive I will become slightly hysyterical and make a scene (completely normal.. right?).

The trip will begin in Paris (so i can get the hysteria out of the way) and then we head to Amsterdam, Munich, Rome, Athens, Santorini, back to Rome, Florence, Nice, Barcelona, Lison, Portugal, Madrid, San Sebastian and finishing off in London. It's challenging enough to get that list of places in a sentence, let alone in five weeks - hence the spreadsheet.

Although the spreadsheet is causing a lot of 'vigorous conversation' at the moment. Sam wants to wing it.. and I'd like to live my life by the spreadsheet, for those five weeks at least. Let's just say the conversation is ongoing.. and unresolved - good times.

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